Saturday, January 30, 2016

Levi the Pitbull Takes a Bullet: Three legs, a Giant Heart!

Less than two years after being the victim of a cruel dognapping, Levi the three-legged pitbull is back in the news. This time the courageous canine took on an armed robber who was invading his family home. Levi took a bullet in the shoulder, but was able to save the day for his family. Levi's courage in the face of "enemy fire" earned him international recognition such as this piece in Toronto24.

"Meet Levi. He's a gutsy three-legged canine from Wisconsin that came to the rescue of his owners, after an armed robber broke into their home through an unlocked door. Darcy Cherry and Bob Stenzel pleaded with the thief when confronted in their kitchen. "He had his gun drawn on us and demanded we get to the ground and repeatedly asked us, 'Where's the safe?' and 'Where is the money?'" Cherry told ABC NEWS. That's when Levi - the couple's 15-year-old pitbull - started to bark at the intruder, giving him paws and frightening him into thinking it might be a good idea to get lost. The robber ran off after encountering the provoked pooch - but took a shot at Levi first, with the bullet lodging into the dog's shoulder. Levi is currently on medication, but is expected to make a full recovery."

Not bad for a 105 year old canine -(at least in dog years!)

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