Friday, April 15, 2016

Dog Stands by BFF for 6 Days after Nasty Fall, Both Safe!

Tillie watches over her stricken BFF Phoebe
A "Dog who changed the world." That's what some people are calling one Puget Sound based canine. But her best friend would probably call her...a hero.

NBC reports.

"This is a dog tale about fame and friendship.   11-year-old Tillie, an Irish Springer Spaniel mix  and Basset Hound, Phoebe, age 4, are the best of buds. But last fall, their owner BJ Duft tells us, that bond was tested to the limit.

The two got past the fence of their Vashon Island property and went missing.  As the days passed, BJ feared the worst.

After six days, there was a break in the case.  BJ got the news, “Somebody had reported a reddish-looking dog running in and out of a ravine, kind of barking at the property owner.”

It turns out it was Tillie, trying to get help for Phoebe, who had fallen into a pit about 4 and a half feet deep.

Phoebe had survived on rainwater for nearly a week.  Her friend, Tillie, never left her side.

Word of their adventure went viral, with mentions on Good Morning America, and all over the internet. Even Washington State Governor Inslee honored Tillie at the state capitol.

“You would think that the queen of somebody had shown up.  There was definitely a lot of people there.”

Now, the Milk-Bone dog biscuit company has named Tillie a "Dog Who Changed the World."

Tillie, given the title of A Dog Who Changed the World

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