Saturday, November 28, 2015

Missing Dogs Massachusetts featured on CBS

Congratulations from Seattle to our virtual soul-siblings on the east-coast for this excellent piece of PR on the local Boston CBS affiliate. The group has been doing a fantastic job using Facebook to help Reunite missing dogs with their frantic owners. 

BOSTON (CBS) — Thousands of dogs in Massachusetts are lost every year.

On Sunday’s Pet Parade, WBZ-TV’s Kerry Connolly talked to one organization that’s doing its best to bring those dogs home.

Missing Dogs Massachusetts has helped to find 700 lost dogs since January, working through social media to raise awareness about missing dogs.

The group shared tips on what to do if your dog goes missing, and steps dog owners should take ahead of time to increase their dog’s changes of being found if it does run away.

Missing Dogs Massachusetts says newly adopted dogs often have a higher risk of going missing.


Here's the advise the group's website gives to owners

Steps to Reunite a Found Dog with its Owner

  1. Immediately contact your local Police/Animal Control (required by law).  This dog may already have been reported to them as missing.  If the dog’s appearance is alarming - do not assume that he/she has been neglected.  A dog that has been missing for any length of time can quickly become dirty, matted & thin.
  2. If the Dog is wearing a tag, call the number on the tag. If there is no ID tag, but there is a rabies tag or a town license, call the number of the town clerk’s office or the veterinary practice that administered the vaccine – they should have a record of the dog’s owner.
  3. If the dog is not wearing any tags, take the pet to the closest shelter, vet, or animal control agency, and ask them to do a full body scan with a Universal scanner.

    If the dog is chipped, and the chip is registered, the individual conducting the scan will be able to secure the contact information for the owner.
  4. Take the dog for a walk (on a secure leash) throughout the area in which it was found. He/she may lead you back home.  Be sure to ask homeowners in the vicinity if they recognize the dog.
  5. Create and post simple “Found Dog” flyers in the area in which the dog was found.  The flyer should contain a clear/ large photo and giant lettering/contact information so that it may be viewed from a passing vehicle.
  6. Use the internet to search for postings for the found dog.  Review both “Lost & Found” and “Pets” category on your local Craigslist.  Create posts (with photo) and place them in those categories as well.
  7. Fill out the MDM Found Dog Form so that we can create a post to share for you on our FB page  (NOTE starting in Spring 2016 No Lost Dogs in Seattle we will soon have its own active NLD Facebook page and forms)

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