Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Idiot Boasts She's Taped Dog's Mouth; Faces Jail

Unbelievably Cruel!

Maybe this will shut her up.

The woman who duct taped her dog's mouth shut and boasted about it on Facebook has been charged with animal cruelty by North Carolina cops.

The actions of Katharine Lemansky sparked outrage on social media after she posted the photo of the dog, named Brown, with the caption: “This is what happens when you dont shut up!!!”

Katharine Lemansky ducted taped her dog's mouth, and boasted about it on Facebook.

Lemansky was thought to have lived in South Daytona, Fla., under the name Katie Brown, as hundreds of residents flooded the police department with complaints about the photo after it was posted Friday.

It was found that she actually resides in Cary, N.C., under a different name. Cary cops worked with Florida authorities to track Lemansky down.

"Taping the dog’s muzzle shut was a terrible decision on Ms. Lemansky’s part, and charging her with animal cruelty under North Carolina law was the right thing to do,” Cary Police Captain Randall Rhyne said in a statement Monday.

Cops did say that the chocolate lab mix appeared to be unharmed and all of Lemansky's dogs were "very well cared for."

"The dogs are current on their shots, spayed and microchipped," Police Captain Rhyne said. "They are clean and well-nourished and appear to be comfortable in their surroundings."

As a result, the dogs were not removed from the home, a decision that did not sit well with PETA.

The animal rights organization lobbied for the dogs to be removed from Lemansky's care on Tuesday in a letter to Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman.

Lemansky was charged with animal cruelty.

The North Carolina resident did not lose her dogs, as they were found in good health.

"It would show a shocking lack of empathy for others' suffering to tape a dog's mouth shut and then brag about this cruelty on social media," PETA Senior Director Colleen O'Brien said in a statement.

"Any dogs in this woman's custody may be in danger, which is why PETA is calling for the immediate confiscation of any animals in her home as well as a ban on owning animals if she is convicted of this callous act."

Lemansky is facing a fine and 150 days in jail.


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